A new Republican pragmatism on immigration?

July 11th, 2011 (No Comments)

  Influential pro-reform conservatives are emerging, but none of the leading 2012 candidates seems to have got the memo

ABA Tells Congress the Immigration System Is in Crisis, Needs More Resources

May 21st, 2011 (No Comments)

Immigration enforcement has “increased exponentially” in the last 10 years, creating burdens for courts straining to keep up with the caseloads, an ABA representative told Congress on Wednesday. We have seen the increased enforcement here in Houston and the backlog in immigration court.

Computer glitch costs US visa lottery jackpot for 20,000

May 13th, 2011 (No Comments)

Computer glitch costs US visa lottery jackpot for 20,000 By Matthew Lee May 13, 2011 For a few joyful days, more than 20,000 people around the world thought they literally had hit the lottery and won a chance to come and live legally in the United States. Oops, the State Department said Friday, we had […]

House Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement:

May 12th, 2011 (No Comments)

  January 26, 2011   Washington D.C. – Today, the newly named House Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement held its first hearing of the new session entitled, "ICE Worksite Enforcement – Up to the Job?" The name change seems to be a signal that Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith and Subcommittee Chairman Elton Gallegly will focus on enforcement, […]

President Obama Puts Immigration Reform Back on the Table

May 12th, 2011 (No Comments)

May 10, 2011 Washington, D.C. – Today, President Obama offered his most concrete articulation of a new way forward for resolving our broken immigration system. Echoing and expanding upon the concepts of innovation, entrepreneurship, and the American Dream, the President invited the American public to join him in pressing Congress for comprehensive immigration reform.    Benjamin Johnson, […]

Senators Reintroduce the DREAM Act

May 12th, 2011 (No Comments)

May 11, 2011  Washington, D.C. – Today, Senators Richard Durbin, Harry Reid, and Robert Menendez re-introduced the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act. Last fall, the DREAM Act passed the House of Representatives, and garnered the support of a majority in the Senate, but was ultimately defeated when the Senate failed to invoke cloture and proceed […]

The sex slaves next door: New form of trafficking invades US

April 3rd, 2011 (No Comments)

Latino residential brothels adopt sophisticated camouflage to elude authorities These are all over the US and are in Houston, Texas.

Supreme Court Appears Unlikely to Strike Down Gender Difference in Citizenship Law

November 12th, 2010 (No Comments)

This case brought up to the Supreme Court and article describe a discrepancy on how children of unwed parents gain citizenship through either the US citizen mother or father.   Posted Nov 11, 2010 7:25 AM CST By Debra Cassens Weiss Article Link here.

Favorite Turks

October 13th, 2010 (No Comments)

My husband is Turkish and I was thrilled to find out Dr. Oz was Turkish because I think he helps bring a face to Turkish-Americans and Turkey.  So my husband calls Dr. Oz my second-favorite Turk… Here is a story about Dr. Oz’s father coming to the US in the 1950’s with little English from a book that […]

Increase in USCIS Filing Fees Goes Into Effect on November 23, 2010

September 29th, 2010 (No Comments)

September 26th, 2010 I wrote earlier in the summer about USCIS’ plans and proposed rule to increase certain filing fees.   The final rule was published recently in the Federal Register and the new increased filing fees are set to go into effect on November 23, 2010. Increases (and a few decreases) in USCIS Filing Fees A […]