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Federal Judge Blocks President Trump’s Sanctuary Cities Order

President Trump says he’s open to legal pathway for undocumented immigrants

Texas builders fear fallout of immigration crackdown on workforce

Advocates warn ‘dreamers’ to lie low as President Trump ramps up deportation plans

Why President Trump’s Immigration Policy Is a Legal Mess

Immigrants Hide, Fearing Capture on ‘Any Corner’

Sheriff Gonzalez Ends Program That Transfers Undocumented Immigrants To Government

Undocumented woman with brain tumor seized by federal agents at Texas hospital, family fears she will die

President Trump’s Plan: Deport to Mexico Immigrants Crossing Border Illegally, Regardless of Nationality

President Donald Trump’s DHS Says Immigration Authorities Can Deport Pretty Much Any Undocumented Person

Sheriff cuts ties with ICE program over immigration detentions

DHS memos describe aggressive new immigration, border enforcement policies

DHS is preparing to release sweeping immigration overhaul

President Trump’s revised immigration order expected to renew ban on 7 Muslim-majority countries

U.S. top court to set guidelines for President Trump treatment of non-citizens

ICE Detains Alleged Victim Of Domestic Abuse At Texas Courthouse

Memos signed by DHS secretary describe sweeping new guidelines for deporting illegal immigrants

Rep. Joaquin Castro Says ICE Has “Mass Deportation Plan”

Immigrants here illegally shadowed by fear of deportation

H-1B advocate Sen. Orrin Hatch sets stage for new visa battle

Nationwide ‘Day Without Immigrants’ shuts down businesses

DACA: 10 questions on program that protects ‘Dreamers’


Immigration Executive Order Causes Anxiety In VP Mike Pence’s Hometown

President Trump Looks Ready to Outdo ‘Deporter-in-Chief’ Obama

President Trump executive order takes aim at immigrants and those who have a conscience about all this

The first immigration raids of the Trump era, explained

ICE operations net nearly 700 arrests, DHS says

Immigrants Want You to See These Chilling Photos of US Detention Centers

Crops Rot While Trump-Led Immigration Backlash Idles Farm Work

President Trump Deportation Raids Picked Up More Than 680 People, Government Says

Houston immigrant groups vigilant as reports of raids grow across country

The looming conflict between President Trump’s immigration sweeps and religious freedom

How immigrants can protect themselves during a Trump Presidency

Reports of Raids Have Immigrants Bracing for Enforcement Surge

President Trump’s ICE agents start rounding up parents of American children in multiple deportation raids


President Trump´s Administration prepares to execute “VICIOUS” Executive order on deportations

ICE detains dozens in Austin: What We Know

20 metro areas are home to six-in-ten unauthorized immigrants in U.S.

President Trump’s Massive Crackdown on Immigrants Has Begun

Federal agents conduct immigration enforcement raids in at least six states

Trump-Era Deportations Begin With a Married Mom of Two Who’s Lived in the U.S. for Decades

Protest Erupts in Downtown L.A. Following Reports of Immigration Raids at Homes Across Southern California

She Showed Up Yearly to Meet Immigration Agents. Now They’ve Deported Her.


Harvard releases report on effect of President Trump’s executive orders on asylum seekers

By Michael Vadon – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Republican Lawmakers Propose New Law To Reduce Legal Immigration

Tech industry braces for Trump’s visa reform


Texas Senate advances bill to effectively abolish sanctuary cities

Sheriffs to Meet With President Trump, Discuss Immigration

President Trump’s draft plan to cut off food stamps for immigrants could cause some U.S. citizens to go hungry

Trump’s travel ban hits legal hurdles: Get up to speed

Appeals Court Shoots Down DOJ Request To Immediately Restore Travel Ban

DOJ appealing travel ban ruling

Protesters across US voice concern over President Trump policies

Homeland Security suspends travel ban

U.S. moves to resume admitting refugees, including Syrians

Justice Dept. lawyer says 100,000 visas revoked under travel ban; State Dept. says about 60,000

What to Know About Trump’s Executive Order and What Happens Next

By Office of the President-elect [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Tillerson sworn in as secretary of state

Green-Card Holder Dies a Day After Being Prevented From Returning Home by Trump’s Order, Report Says

State Department notice revoking visas under President Trump order released

State Dept. Dissent Cable on President Trump’s Ban Draws 1,000 Signatures

Hill staffers secretly worked on President Trump’s immigration order

President Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court

DHS To Make Exceptions To President Donald Trump’s Ban On Refugees And Certain Travelers

Trump’s immigration reform: High-skilled visas may be next

Trump fires acting AG after she declines to defend travel ban

Acting Attorney General refuses to defend Trump executive order on refugees

President Trump Signs Executive Order Imposing Travel Bans, Suspension of Refugee Admissions, and Suspension of Visa Interview Waivers

Reince Priebus Says U.S. Citizens Should Expect More Questioning After Order Targeting Muslims

Priebus: Immigration Order ‘Doesn’t Include’ Green Card Holders, But Anyone Traveling to Banned Countries Will Be ‘Subjected to Further Screening’

Senate Democrats Call For Investigation Into Trump Officials’ Failure To Obey Court Orders

A Federal Judge Just Issued a Stay Against Donald Trump’s “Muslim Ban”

Immigration ban includes green card holders: DHS

Trump Order Will Block 500,000 Legal U.S. Residents from Returning to America From Trips Abroad

Trump Bars Refugees and Citizens of 7 Muslim Countries

Surprise! Donald Trump is wrong about immigrants and crime.

Mayor Sylvester Turner Issues Statement on Immigration

Trump signs executive order to keep out ‘radical Islamic terrorists’

Texas GOP Congressman Opposes Trump’s Border Wall

Read leaked drafts of 4 White House executive orders on Muslim ban, end to DREAMer program, and more


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