New Interview Requirements

by Attorney Michele L. Strickland, Powers Law Group

Beginning October 1, 2017 Immigration (USCIS) will require in person interviews for green card applicants who are sponsored by employers and who are refugee/asylee relatives. In the past an interview was not required for these applicants. This change will likely slow the process and create larger backlogs.

In fiscal year 2015 (the latest data available from USCIS) approximately 168,000 applicants received their green cards in these categories. Most of these applicants (122,000) were sponsored by their employers.

The change is made as part of Executive Order “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States.” Under this, and other Executive orders, USCIS is attempting to improve its detection and prevention of fraud. Conducting interviews will allow USCIS Officers to verify information provided on applications, discover new information and assess the credibility of applicants.

USCIS plans to require interviews for more green card application categories in the future.

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