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As of 5:00 pm EST, July 26 2018, in response to the U.S. government’s failure to comply with a federal court order, imposed by Judge Dana Sabraw to reunify all eligible families it has separated, Powers Law Group has partnered with Ayuda Familias.

While Sabraw has noted the Government’s “progress” in reuniting the families, we know that approximately 914 parents will not be reunited with their children by the end of the day. “In some cases, the parents can’t be found or have serious criminal records. In other cases, they’ve already been deported without their children. A small number still haven’t been linked to children, let alone tracked down.”

When news of the first families affected by the ongoing family separation first broke, immigration attorney Ruby Powers knew that she had to advocate for those that couldn’t advocate for themselves. Since then, Powers Law Group has assisted other detainees and their family members in the U.S. in finding alternative legal representation, as well as providing them with valuable information and connections to organizations that have provided food, shelter, clothing etc.

Her advocacy efforts have captured audiences across the United States as many are offering their own time money and resources. Powers Law Group wants to inform anyone that is willing to donate their time and resources to connect with the Ayuda Familias organization, a  new partner of the Powers Law Group and Immigrant Families Together. The partnership with Ayuda Familias will allow us to provide many volunteers and resources to mothers and fathers that are seeking counsel on how to be reunited with their children and the steps that follow reunification.

Dionne Ukleja with Ayuda Familias, “As a response to this need, we created a website called ayudafamilias.org to not only assist immigrants who need help, but connect them to wrap-around services and volunteers who wish to help them as well. The first and second steps of their journey are reunification and travel, but what happens when they reach their final destination?

There are so many pitfalls that have been systematically put into place to make this process as hard as possible. We will provide connections to attorneys, translators, therapists, and most importantly a cultural advocate to help them learn how to navigate their new community.  Through our experience reunifying parents and children in partnership with Immigrant Families Together, we’ve seen first hand the additional needs of this vulnerable population and we look forward to helping them continue their journey and welcoming them home.”

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