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I highly recommend Ms. Ruby L. Powers. I applied for Deferred Action Childhood Arrival on June 2013 and in 4mo I received my work authorization card and number. Her assistant Ms. Arelly helped me throughout the whole process she informed me about every little detail and answered all my questions. Just last week my husband went to a consultation for him to fix his legal status from a family-based situation and he is absolutely sure to hire her as his immigration attorney. I am very satisfied with this firm and I will absolutely be going back. Thank You, Ms. Ruby L. Powers and Ms. Arelly. I truly aprreciate all of your help and patience.

Ruby Powers is the best lawyer

Ruby and her assistance Angie are the best lawyers I have came across. My wife and I are in permanant residency and we applied for naturalization and our case was very difficult naturalization case due to our frequent travel outside USA. Also, wish to mention that yesterday June11, 2014 was immigration interview fir naturilazation and the officer pushed my approval one month later to provide more documentations beside but my wife was approved for naturalization. After we left the immigration building, Ruby called and told to go back to immigration office because the officer approved your naturalization ! It was a history I will never forgot this moment ever. Ruby & Angie were very caring, compassionate and they dealt with our case as professional caring and concern, they are very trustworthy.

I would recommend Ruby to anyone and will definitely will hire her again when necessary, and will refer all my friends who need immigration lawyer.

Excelente trabajo para obtener mi residencia

Ruby es muy buena abogada. Ella es honesta, ella te dice si puede o no puede tomar tu caso y es muy realista contigo. Ella no haze perder el tiempo de nadie. La Abogada Angie es la otra abogada que me ayudo y la recomendaria a todo gente que necesitara ayuda legal. Ella es una buena persona, honesta y diligente. Gracias a ellas yo puedo permanecer en los Estados Unidos, un case que se batallo por dos anos y medios. Las dos abogadas son muy buenas y ayudan en todo lo que se pueden. Lo mejor de ellas es la honestidad, y yo la recomendaria a ella 100% gracias por toda su ayuda.

Great Service and answers questions so we understand

Ruby and her Associates are absolutely great to deal with.
prompt service and replies to all questions via email and phone.
We applied and after a few short months everything was complete!

Thanks so much !

Marriage-based adjustment of status and I-601 waiver for misrepresentation/fraud

First let us start off by sending an ENORMOUS thanks to this team!!! Today our family received the best news we could have ever asked for. My husband’s status change and waiver were both approved and he will be receiving his green card soon. With no fault on their end, he has been wanting and waiting for this moment for a very long time. Had it not been for Ruby and her extremely helpful, communicative, patient, steadfast, hard working team, I don’t know if this would have been possible. My husband came to this country legally on a school visa but do to circumstances beyond his control, he was not able to go. Therefore, he did not get the change of status approval and was denied. He continued to have meetings with Immigration to find out what the next step would be and he keep getting the same answer….”You will receive a letter” which never came. So much time passed and it seemed bleak. We kept trying to get an answer. It’s very disconcerting not knowing if at any minute you could be sent away from your family and the life you’ve had for so long. When all you want to do is work, be a provider, and have a life with your family without always having to look over your shoulder. We did a lot of research for a new attorney. When we found Ruby she was in Dubai and did a conference consultation with us over Skype. She listened very closely and gave us all the possible outcomes and options. She was very honest and patient with us. Once we made the decision to hire her they took on the case right away and worked VERY diligently. We did have to wait for some time to file, again not on their part, but once the case was submitted to Immigration everything was really quick. Give or take three months he received his work permit and a week later we had our interview, which was today. We were extremely nervous. Angie, the other attorney at the firm, met us there before the interview. We had also two prep meetings at the firm with her the week before. She told us what all we needed to bring and what to expect. We made sure we brought everything and more that she asked to be fully prepared. While in the waiting area, she made us feel at ease. She has a very calm, confident and pleasant demeanor. In the interview as well. She was right on point with everything. Our agent, who was surprisingly nice and friendly, gave us our approval there in the office! We were overjoyed to say the least! Angie seemed to be just as happy as we were! We hugged her and are so extremely grateful. This team of ladies really worked over and beyond for us. They are great communicators and a team. They would communicate with us, via phone, e-mail and Skype. They all have their specialties and KNOW what they are doing. We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you RUBY, ISELA, HOLLAND, and last but certainly not least ANGIE!!!! We send you all many many blessings!

Waiver for inadmissibility and misrepresentation

Ruby is an AWESOME lawyer, even though she is in Texas and I’m in California, she was accessible at all times! She always answered my questions even the smallest one. Thanks to her my fiancé was able to come home. His case was tougher than others because she had to fight his illegal presence but also misrepresentation. My fiancée was previously deported for 5 years due to that misrep case and I thought he would never come home, but she managed to do it. I had been researching many lawyers and I wanted one that had previous experience with misrep cases so I contacted Ruby. Within the first time I talked to her she made me feel very comfortable and she was easy going. Once I got to proofread the waiver she prepared I was AMAZED on how she represented my fiancés case, her work is impecable. She was always on top of my case once it was sent to the USCIS office and kept me informed on any updates. I definitely recommend Ruby to everyone because she is in my eyes the BEST LAWYER and believe me I worked with plenty that just wasted my time and money. But with Ruby every dime is worth it because she tells you straight forward what your chances are and how she will help to make it happen. Thank you Ruby 🙂

Strongly recommend the Law Office of Ruby L. Powers

My wife and I looked and read lots of review before we decided to use the Law Office of Ruby L. Powers for a green card application. We couldn’t be happier with our choice now that the process is complete. The team of lawyers, legal assistants and receptionists were great. During our interview, the interviewer even went as far as saying that our lawyer did a great job in the content of the file submitted for review. Everything was timely and they knew exactly what they were doing, time from step to step, what to expect next, and above all they kept us at ease. I would like to say thank you to the whole team especially Isela, Angie and Ruby for their timely support and guidance. I would strongly recommend the Law Office of Ruby L. Powers to anyone who would like to request the help of experts who know what they are doing when it comes to immigration laws.

Love the entire office

Love the entire office. My case has been dropped because they did everything they could and went beyond my expectations 🙂 We had a very difficult case and they were able to get my case dismissed. Now we have to apply for my green card and yes we could do it ourself to save money but we dont mind spending the extra money to get it done right. We went through 2 different lawyers before finding Ruby and let me tell you that you get what you pay for. I recommend her office to all my foreign friends and to you as well. They are worth every penny and every second of my time. I see some other reviews about a delay and taking to long but that is not the lawyer’s fault. The immigration in houston is overwhelmed and pushes everything further out. My case kept being pushed further out as well. And that was to blame on the immigration courts in Houston. Trust me when i say Ruby Powers is the best you can go with!

WOW! Amazing service

WOW! Amazing service and very friendly and knowledgeable staff. We applied for a permanent residence status and had it approved in less than 1 year! Everyone was so patient and understanding with our constant questions about what to do and how to do it. Attorney Angie came to our formal interview and we had no issues at all! All I can say is WOW! And as long as you listen to the staff at the Law Office of Ruby Powers and follow their instructions (Do the homework they give you) everything runs as a well as a finely oiled machine. Truly a great experience working with the team! Thanks so much !

Ruby Powers is fantastic!!

Ruby Powers is fantastic! She was with us every step of the way as my husband got his green card. Her staff were friendly and helpful in answering my many questions and concerns. Kyle and I were confident and ready for our interview which lasted a whole 10 min! Very few questions needed Ruby had all of our paper work organized and ready to go! Ruby took a lot of stress out of the green card process. I couldn’t have done this with out her! I strongly recommend Ruby Powers to anyone looking for immigration assistance. Well worth every dime spent! You can guarantee when it comes time for my husbands citizenship we will be coming back.

Highly recommend Law Office of Ruby L. Powers

I would highly recommend Law Office of Ruby L Powers. Ruby and her staffs are very professional and extremely competent. Great communication and my case went so smooth. It has been a great pleasure working on my case with Ms Powers and her team. Thank you ever so much, Ruby and your lovely crews! You have turned my life around!

Ruby Powers is an incredible person

Ruby Powers is an incredible person. Extremely knowledgeable, prompt, and compassionate, Ruby is an amazing person to work with. Her knowledge of the immigration field will help with the details, but her ability to connect to people and their immigration challenges really make her special. She is also a very active member of immigration reform. In short I have already recommended Ruby to friends and will continue to do so.

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