What is it?

Asylum allows immigrants located in the US who have a well-grounded fear of returning home to stay in the US lawfully.


You must prove past persecution or a well-grounded fear of persecution due to: race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular group.

You cannot return home to your country

You must apply within one year from the date you last entered the US

How we can help 

Our office has represented numerous clients successfully in asylum cases. Submitting a strong asylum case requires much time and preparation to prepare an application and attach supporting documentation.

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Common Types

Affirmative: Presenting an asylum case before an Asylum Officer at the USCIS office.

Defensive: Presenting an asylum case before an immigration judge. This can be a defense to deportation proceedings or an appeal of being denied affirmative asylum. he imm

Success stories

Affirmative Asylum – July 2016 Pakistan: Approval for woman due to PSG

Affirmative Asylum – June 2016 Syria: Approval for couple!

Affirmative Asylum – September 2015 Pakistan: Approval!

Affirmative Asylum – June 2014 Iraq: Out-of-status family approved after interview!

Affirmative Asylum – Zimbabwe- March 2013-Firm prepared an asylum client for her interview, attended interview and prepared client for her Notice of Intent to Deny response with successful results.

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