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What is asylum?

Asylum allows immigrants located in the US who have a well-grounded fear of returning home to stay in the US lawfully.


You must prove past persecution or a well-grounded fear of persecution due to: race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular group.

You cannot return home to your country.

You must apply within one year from the date you last entered the US with a few exceptions.

How we can help

Powers Law Group has a long history of experience representing clients from various countries for US asylum affirmatively (with asylum office) and defensively (immigration court) including: Venezuela, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, Burundi, Pakistan, Nepal, Zimbabwe, El Salvador, China, Nigeria, Palestine, Angola, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Jordan, and more. If you are interested in learning more about the asylum process, please schedule a consultation with us. Submitting a strong asylum case requires much time and preparation to prepare an application and attach supporting documentation. Since US immigration law is Federal, the firm can represent clients nationwide on asylum claims.

Call Powers Law Group, P.C. at (713) 589-2085 or email [email protected] to see if you have a viable claim for asylum.

For more information, contact our immigration lawyers and asylum attorneys.

Common Types

Presenting an asylum case before an Asylum Officer at the USCIS office
Presenting an asylum case before an immigration judge. This can be a defense to deportation proceedings or where the case proceeds after an affirmative asylum is referred to court

Success stories

Asylum Case 2020:

Our client came to us after working with another attorney. The client had been interviewed three times for his asylum application over the span of a couple of years and there didn’t seem to be an end in sight. When the client came to us, that case had been pending and they were losing hope as they had been separated from their family for years.  Although we had two long merits hearings and the case spanned two years in court, the client prevailed winning asylum and withholding of removal. Now, they can continue the process to bring their family to the US! This was a strong case with a lot of facts that required many hours of preparation. We are very happy for our client and for their family. Once reunited, they will be able to live together without the fear of persecution. 

This year marks the firm’s 11th anniversary and Attorney Powers 12th year in law practice. In fact, she started her legal career working in various non-profit legal organizations and law firms exposed to asylum law. Her first asylum court case was while studying at the University of Houston School of Law immigration clinic in 2007. 

Powers Law Group is experienced in a variety of asylum cases from many countries for various reasons. We bring this experience and dedication to each case we work on with the focus of the best interest of our clients and their families. 

Affirmative Asylum – Nov 2017  Middle East:

Approval for male applicant to due to membership in a Particular Social Group – Expedited (Boston Office)

Affirmative Asylum – Nov 2017  Middle East:

Approval for male applicant due to membership in a Particular Social Group – Expedited (New Orleans Office)

Affirmative Asylum – Oct 2017 Kyrgyzstan:
Approval for female applicant due to religion (Houston Office)
Defensive Asylum (Immigration court – New Orleans, LA) – Sep 2017 El Salvador:

Approval for client and two children based on the Matter of  A-R- C-G  (domestic violence)

Affirmative Asylum – Oct 2016 Pakistan:

Approval for female applicant due to membership in a Particular Social Group

ffirmative Asylum – Oct 2016 Nigeria:

Approval for female applicant due to membership in a Particular Social Group

Affirmative Asylum – Oct 2016 Pakistan:
Approval for dependents (wife and children) after primary applicant was approved in 2015
Affirmative Asylum – Sept 2016 Rwanda:
Approval for family due to political opinion
Affirmative Asylum – July 2016 Pakistan:

Approval for woman due to membership in a Particular Social Group

Affirmative Asylum – June 2016 Syria:
Approval for couple!
Affirmative Asylum – September 2015 Pakistan:
Affirmative Asylum – June 2014 Iraq:
Out-of-status family approved after interview!
Affirmative Asylum – Zimbabwe –  March 2013:
Firm prepared an asylum client for her interview, attended interview and prepared client for her Notice of Intent to Deny response with successful results.
Affirmative/Defensive Asylum – Nepal – 2009-2012

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