US ImmIgratIon PolIcy SInce 9/11: Understanding the Stalemate over Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Post 9/11 U.S. Immigration Policy

A report by the Migration Policy Institute (CAP) reviews the response to 9/11 in U.S. immigration policy by examining the state of affairs in 2001 before 9/11, and the subsequent legislation and policies. The report also explores the debate on comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) during the years of 2006-2010 and the reasons for its failure.

Read the report, “U.S. Immigration Policy Since 9/11: Understanding the Stalemate over Comprehensive Immigration Reform” on MPI’s website.

From what I can tell, so much has changed in immigration since 9/11. They have updated databases, they created SEVIS to monitor foreign students, and they created the Department of Homeland Security. I briefly worked in DC for the US House of Representatives’ Committee on Homeland Security in 2004.  This would be a good read.

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