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245i Adjustment of Status Victory in Court

Our firm is celebrating the most recent win of one of our clients today. Our client, a native from Mexico, has been residing in the United States since 1989. She was ordered deported in abstentia in 1999 for failing to receive notice. After she visited several attorneys in the past and was unsuccessful in getting her case reopened, the Powers Law Group successfully reopened her case in the Houston Immigration Court. Once the case was reopened, we used the petition filed by her husband in 1999 to do an adjustment of status under INA 245(i). Section 245(i) allows certain persons, who have an immigrant visa immediately available but entered without inspection or otherwise violated their status and thus are ineligible to apply for adjustment of status in the United States, to apply if they pay a $1,000 penalty, if the petition was filed by April 30, 2001. Today, we are happy and ecstatic that the immigration judge, without opposition from the Department of Homeland Security, granted our client her permanent residency. If you have questions on 245(i), and believe you may be eligible, please contact our office by calling 713-589-2085 and scheduling a consultation to speak with one of our attorneys. For more information, contact our asylum attorneys and immigration attorneys today.


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