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Application for Adjustment of Status, I-485, approved after complications

Case administratively closed, criminal history, and a Request for Evidence (RFE)- Houston, TX

Powers Law Group, P.C. was retained by a client November of 2020 for a complicated Adjustment of Status, I-485, matter. The client had received a scrutinous request for evidence (RFE)  regarding their criminal records after being notified by email only that his case had been administratively closed. We worked together with his criminal defense attorney and timely filed an entry as attorney with USCIS requesting that the case be reopened because it was erroneously closed before the RFE due date. Thanks to the Covid-19 extension to file responses, our client was able to finish his criminal proceedings in time and we responded to the RFE before the extension deadline. We are so grateful our client was approved for lawful permanent residence as of mid April 2021! Powers Law Group helps clients with previously file applications in cases like this where advocacy is needed.


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