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Law Practice Today: ABA Women Rainmakers An exclusive interview with Erika Jurado-Graham

Erika Jurado-Graham was born in El Paso, Texas, and raised in Monterrey, Mexico by a Mexican single mother. Following the 1994 economic crisis in Mexico, Erika’s mother and close relatives came to the United States in search of better economic opportunities. Erika was attending law school at the time her family moved to the U.S., and

Behind the Lines: The Houston Lawyer Podcast

Houston Bar Association members discuss what made the 2020-21 bar year transformative for each of them. Immediate HBA Past President Bill Kroger reflects on his year in office, and Ruby Powers leads a panel discussion with law firm managing partners Thais Amaral Tellawi, Karleana L. Farias, and Marc Whitehead about changes during the pandemic year.

Application for Adjustment of Status, I-485, approved after complications

Case administratively closed, criminal history, and a Request for Evidence (RFE)- Houston, TX Powers Law Group, P.C. was retained by a client November of 2020 for a complicated Adjustment of Status, I-485, matter. The client had received a scrutinous request for evidence (RFE)  regarding their criminal records after being notified by email only that his

I-130 Approval Notice Received Right Away!

Powers Law Group was retained by a client in November 2019 for the I-130 process. LPR mom petitioning for a 20 year old child before his 21 birthday. USCIS received application on 02/21/2020, making him eligible to apply for Green Card. The client received NVC notices right away after approval and is getting ready to

Success Story: Naturalization in San Antonio, TX approved in 5 months

The surprise our client received when, only 4 months after filing, she received an interview notice for her naturalization, N-400, application was unexpected. At the time of filing, the processing times for the USCIS field office in San Antonio, TX showed these applications could take between 8.5-11 months to be processed. Having prepared for a

Success Story: Asylum Client Released from Detention in Laredo, TX

Our client was separated from their family after entering the US around February 2021. We represented the client remotely at several master calendar hearings and at a bond hearing, while detained. In March 2021, Immigration Judge Justin Adams granted our client a $5000 bond.  After our immigration attorneys worked relentlessly with our client’s family abroad,

Success Story: I-601A Approved without request for evidence (RFE) in 17 months!

I-601A approved without request for evidence (RFE) in 17 months. The clients worried about the lack of evidence but were able to obtain an approval with the minimal evidence they could gather. Current processing times at 17.5-22.5 months for these waivers at the Nebraska Service Center (NSC). For more information, contact our immigration lawyers!

Success Story: Naturalization Approved After N336 Hearing!

Recently, our Firm successfully assisted an individual to gain citizenship after an N-336 hearing. An N-336 hearing is very similar to a regular naturalization hearing. The Applicant or his or her attorney is allowed to make their case in regards to the issues that had led to the initial denial of form N-400.  In this