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Immigration News

My Court Date Got Reset- What’s Next?

 By Cynthia Milian In the last month, many immigration attorneys have scrambled to readjust their schedules and firm personnel to ensure that their clients are prepared and are represented in their upcoming court hearing dates that have been moved from 2019 to the summer of this year. This means that cases that were initially scheduled

La importancia de contratar a un abogado con experiencia para su caso de Asilo

Por la abogada certificada por la junta en inmigración y asilo, Ruby L. Powers. Buscar asilo en los Estados Unidos viene con muchos retos. Muchos cuestionan si deberían o no contratar a un abogado, dado que sus finanzas se encuentran limitadas y el entendimiento del proceso es muy poco. Sin embargo, ha sido comprobado que

İltica Davanız İçin Deneyimli Bir Avukat Tutmanın Önemi

İltica Davanız İçin Deneyimli Bir Avukat Tutmanın Önemi Kurul Onayli Gocmenlik Avukati ve İltica Avukati Ruby Powers ABD’de iltica talebinde bulunmak bir çok zorluğu beraberinde getirir Finansal kısıtlamalar ve surecin anlaşılmamasından dolayı, bir çok kişi bir avukat tutup tutmayacağına karar veremiyor. Dosyayı avukatla gönderenlerin daha yüksek bir basari oranına sahip oldukları kanıtlanmıştır. Olumlu iltica davaları için,

The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Asylum Attorney for Your Case

By Board Certified Immigration Attorney and Houston Asylum Attorney Ruby L. Powers Seeking asylum in the United States comes with many challenges. Many question whether to hire an attorney or not due to financial constraints and lack of understanding of the process. It has been proven that those who file with an attorney have a

Case Analysis

By Attorney Ruby L. Powers Earlier this month, on February 2, 2018, the Board of Immigration Appeals decided the Matter of Egidijus Siniauskas, 27  Dec. 201 (BIA 2018). The decision pertains to the effects of DWIs on immigration custody bond determinations. This ruling should be examined thoroughly based on the current events revolving around the

Five actions to take if your TPS is about to End

By Attorney Jose Aponte There have already been some significant changes to the Temporary Protected Status program during the Trump administration’s short tenure in office. Most people recognize that the time to take some action is upon us, but what kind of action should it be? The following are five suggestions to seriously consider: 1.

TPS Beneficiaries from EL Salvador have 18 months to seek Immigration Alternatives or Face Deportation

By Attorney Jose Aponte On January 8, 2018, the Trump Administration announced that it was ending the Temporary Protected Status, (“TPS”) designation for people from the nation of El Salvador.   While the announcement was anticipated, its impact in the Salvadoran community has been significant.  Since 2001, as a result of a massive earthquake that struck

Are You Ready for H-1B CAP Season?

Are You Ready for H-1B CAP Season?  By Houston Immigration Attorney Michele L Strickland What is an H-1B visa? The Immigration and Nationality Act provides the H-1B visa category for temporary specialty workers.  A specialty occupation is one that requires a college degree. Employers may temporarily employ foreign nationals who hold at least a Bachelor’s

Five Trends in Immigration Court

By Jose Aponte, Esq. January 2018 As an attorney that spends a considerable amount of time in Immigration Court throughout the Houston area (Downtown, CCA Detention Center on Greens Road, as well as, via teleconference from the Joe Corley Detention Center), I watch for trends that may be developing over time.  Here are five of


01 GORUSME ONCESI–  BEYANNAME VE BASVURUYU INCELEYIN Bildirinizi ve basvurunuzu gonderdikten bir sure sonra ve iltica gorusmenizden bir iki hafta once gozden gecirin. Herhangi bir hatayı daha iyi yakalayabilir ve eklenmesi gereken onemli ayrıntıları atlayıp atlamadıgınızı fark edebilirsiniz. 02 GORUSME ONCESI- GORUSME ICIN HAZIRLIKBaşvuruyu tamamen gözden geçirin ve avukatınızla, yakın aile bireylerinizle veya arkadaşlarınızla hikayenizin ayrıntılarını inceleyin. Hafızanızı

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