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Immigration News

Immigration Court Case Won!

In Houston, there is a 95% or so denial of asylum in immigration court. So we are so excited to announce that we won asylum in immigration court from Honduras! We have been working with our clients for 4 years and are excited for our clients to live in the U.S. in peace

Quickly Scheduled N-400 Interview

On average, after USCIS receives your naturalization application it is taking 14 months to receive an interview. However, after filing our client’s application, our client was scheduled for a naturalization interview approximately a month later.

I-765 Approved

The I-765 form is a request for an EAD, commonly known as a work permit. Our client was approved for their EAD and is now eligible to work legally in the U.S.

I-131 (Re-Entry Permit) Approval

Our client originally hired PLG for a re-entry permit in 2017, she then hired us again to renew the re-entry permit in 2019. The client then hired PLG for the third time for the I-131 re-entry permit in Sept 2020. The case was approved and received an approval notice on July 22, 2021.

N-400 Approved

Our client of 9 years is no longer a green card holder we are happy to announce that after receiving approval in her Naturalization process she is now a U.S. Citizen.

I-485 Approval For VAWA Client!

The client contracted PLG in May 2018, her case consisted of a VAWA & AOS that was filed concurrently.  During the review process, the client received her work authorization and was able to renew as many times as necessary while her case was pending. In August 2021 Cook’s VAWA was approved and in December 2021

N-600 Approved

Client hired PLG on February 25, 2021 to apply for Certificate of Naturalization, he had received an N-400 denial he filled on his own. We did a lot of research and detailed explanation of what we had and provided the grandparents information since mom didn’t recall any of her info. Client received approval notice November

I-130 approval for Salvadorian Family from Abroad!

Green Card holder from El Salvador came to PLG needing help to petition for his family in their home country. We filed an I-130 petition for his wife and 4 derivative children in September of 2019. I-130 was recently approved in August of 2021. Their case is already at the National Visa center and we

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