Expansion of US Travel Ban- New Countries Added

Recently, the Trump Administration announced an expansion to the Travel Ban. 

Under the new Ban, the following countries are affected:

  • Myanmar 
  • Eritrea
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Nigeria
  • Sudan 
  • Tanzania 

Of the above list, green cards under the diversity lottery program will be restricted for Sudan and Tanzania.

The effective date of the new travel ban is February 21, 2020.  Nationals of the six countries already in the US or those with an existing visa or green card to come to the United States will not be affected due to this Ban.

The Ban is mostly enforced abroad at US consulates and embassies that are denying visas to those affected and preventing them from getting into the US. There are exceptions when a Consulate or Embassy abroad can grant a waiver when there is undue hardship, but such waivers are discretionary. 

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The full language of this new Executive Order can be found here

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