How to Prepare for an Immigration ICE Raid

In the past weeks, there has been much discussion about immigration raids. While the date and location of these raids are not clear, here are some things you should know to be prepared and to know the rights you have.

  • Have a family preparedness plan
    • Have a plan so that someone you trust can take care of your children.
    • Have emergency numbers memorized and a packet with all the children’s information (birth certificates, school records, medical records) in a safe and accessible place.
    • Make sure your children have passports.
  • Consult with an experienced immigration attorney
    • If you have a criminal record, find out if this can affect your current status.
    • If you are a lawful permanent resident, find out when you can become a US Citizen.
    • If you don’t have status, find out if you can qualify for an immigration benefit.
  • Know that you have constitutional rights
    • Everyone, regardless of their immigration status, has rights in the USA.
    • If you are stopped, you have the right to remain silent.
    • If someone comes to your house, ask for a search warrant. If they do not have a search warrant, you are not required to let them in. Once you invite them in, you lose the privilege. The search warrant:
      • This must be signed by a judge
      • Must have the correct date
      • Identifies the property to be searched with particularity.
    • Do not sign any documents unless you have complete knowledge of what you are signing.

If you come across a raid or find yourself in a raid, document the location, their manner of entry into the location they are targeting, and whether there was any abuse (verbal or physical) if they tried to enter a home or building. Contact the Powers Law Group if you have questions regarding what rights you have and what you can do to protect yourself and your family. More resources can be found at:

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