Hurricane Laura PLG Message

“Dear PLG clients and friends,

Last night, Mayor Turner and County Judge Hidalgo provided an update on Hurricane Laura and steps residents should take to prepare. Hurricane Laura is now a Category 4 and is expected to be similar to Hurricanes Ike and Rita; fast moving, producing high winds well up into Texarkana causing power outages, tornadoes, and storm surge as high as 3-4 feet inland. Landfall is expected later tonight.  

As the storm progresses we will provide updates about office closures, evacuations, and more. Powers Law Group employees will continue to work remotely to provide the best possible service to our clients as each and every client is important to us. We will continue to take your calls and answer your emails during regular business hours (M-F between 8:30 AM CST and 5:30 PM CST). As long as we are safe, have electricity, and access to wifi we plan to keep working but we anticipate that we won’t be able to access our office for the next two days but will plan accordingly. Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times, we kindly ask for your patience as we continue to monitor the situation for the safety of our clients and staff.

We wish you and yours health and safety. Here are some helpful tips: 

  1. Stay off the roads except for essential errands so that those in coastal areas under mandatory evacuations can move quickly and efficiently through Houston.
  2. Finalize Disaster Plan and Kit: Food (non-perishables), bottled water, medicine & COVID supplies, full tanks of gas and extra canisters filled, phones charged, and extra battery packs (even cheap ones can recharge small electronics 4-5 times). Don’t forget your PETS! 
  3. Register for AlertHouston and follow
  4. Secure property on the outside of your home that could become projectiles such as potted plants, patio furniture, and trash cans.
  5. Check on neighbors at home in critical care situations, those with disabilities and seniors. Sign up for STEAR via 2-1-1.
  6. By 8:00 PM on Wednesday the roads should be clear except for essential personnel and first responders.
  7. Voluntary evacuations now for 77058, 77059, and 77062. Mandatory evacuations for coastal towns in Harris County.
  8. Tune in to for no-hype weather updates.

Stay safe,

Powers Law Group

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