My Court Date Got Reset- What’s Next?

 By Cynthia Milian

In the last month, many immigration attorneys have scrambled to readjust their schedules and firm personnel to ensure that their clients are prepared and are represented in their upcoming court hearing dates that have been moved from 2019 to the summer of this year. This means that cases that were initially scheduled for 2019 have been moved a whole year ahead.

What does this mean for you?
It is imperative that you communicate with your immigration attorney. Contact your attorney and get a follow up regarding the strategy or course your case will take. If there have been major changes in your life—change of address, marriage, death, birth of children—make sure you notify your immigration attorney to see what documents will need to be presented to the immigration judge prior to or at your next hearing.

If you receive a new court date and do not know what to do next, contact an immigration attorney that has court experience. Facing a judge on your own can be daunting, but having an attorney that is knowledgeable with immigration court experience can not only make you feel more confident, but help you be better prepared and increase your chances of getting a favorable outcome.

Here at Powers Law Group we have many years of experience in immigration court. Our office would be happy to assist and represent you at your next court hearing. If you are in doubt, and do not know what to do with your reset court date, contact our office for a consultation to see what course of action to take. To learn more about asylum law and immigration law, contact our asylum lawyers and immigration lawyers today.

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