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New Immigration Court In Houston Texas

On January 06, 2020, we received official news that a new immigration court would open in Houston, Texas. The court is now fully operational and there are judges already assigned at the new court, which is named the Houston- S. Gessner Road court and located at:

                8701 S. Gessner Road, 10th Floor

                Houston, TX 77074

We have received notices of change in hearing locations for our clients. While some cases have remained with the same judge, but have changed location, there can be instances where new judges and locations can be assigned to your case. To stay apprised with these changes, contact your immigration attorney or call the courts to ensure that your hearing date and location have not changed.

For more information regarding the Houston Immigration Courts, visit this link from the Department of Justice. For more information, contact our asylum attorneys and immigration attorneys today.


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