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PLG Client Success Stories: NOV 2020 Recap!

PLG Client Success Stories
Bond Success Story (November 2020) :

Client was recently detained by ICE due to an administrative hold. After gathering substantial evidence from the clients family, friends, and community members, we filed a bond packet with an Immigration Judge at the Montgomery Processing Center. The Judge took all of the information submitted into consideration and granted our client a $5K bond. We are happy that our client was able to get out and be with his family right in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. 

Asylum Grant from California (November 2020) :

Client travelled through several countries before entering the US and seeking asylum. Client did not initially qualify for asylum because they were subject to the Asylum Transit Ban, which was a rule that disqualified people arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border from receiving asylum unless they had unsuccessfully requested similar protection in another country on their way into the US. Our client met the standard to demonstrate that there was sufficient persecution to amount to asylum, but the Immigration Judge was unable to grant asylum because of the change in policy. In June 2020,  there was a favorable decision after the CAIR Coalition filed a lawsuit challenging the Transit Ban, CAIR Coalition et al. v. Trump, No. 19-2117 (D.D.C., June 30, 2020), which made our client eligible for an asylum grant. After filing a motion to reopen and motion to grant asylum, the Judge granted our client the relief in court.

Affirmative Asylum Case pending 4 plus years – Approved! (November 2020):

Client retained our firm in late 2016 and we soon filed for asylum and before their youngest child turned 21 years old. Due to processing changes with the asylum office after the creation of Last In, First Out in January 2018, the case appeared to be pending indefinitely. After filing an expedited request with the asylum office during COVID due to health issues, an interview was scheduled this early fall where we attended with safety measures in place at the asylum office. We received the approval last week and now the family of three can live in the US with no fear. We are so happy for our clients!


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