Ramadan: What is it and How will it Affect the legal World?

By: Attorney Nadia Khalid

As many of you know, Ramadan is the holy month of Islam. This year, Ramadan begins around May
16, 2018 and ends on June 14, 2018. During this time, Muslims around the world will abstain from food or water from sunrise to sunset.

As a result, working hours and applications around the world are expected to experience a delay in processing given the generally shorter work weeks.

Attorney Ruby Powers understands the importance of celebrating culture and its diverse practices.
In fact, she knows first-hand how much Ramadan can change a normal work week. After living and
working from Turkey and Dubai during previous Ramadans, Attorney Powers recommends
three major steps if you live in or require communication from a Muslim-majority country:
1. Request your immigration-related documents as soon as you can before May 16, 2018;
2. Understand there might be a delay in responses; and
3. Contact us, your immigration attorneys, if there is something urgent that needs attention during this time frame.

We wish everyone observing a very happy Ramadan!

!رمضان مبارك

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