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Recent Client Success Stories!

Starting off 2021 with a bang, read down below on how we were able to successfully fight for our clients cases! Our team of Immigration Attorney’s based of Houston, TX are here to help!

Provisional Waiver and Immigrant visa approved in Juarez- February 2021
Our recent client was about to attend their consular visa interview in March 2020, but because of the COVID-19 outbreak, we instructed her not to leave. Soon after, we learned that her interview was canceled due to COVID- 19 safety concerns. We waited all year for an update and she was eventually rescheduled for a mid-February 2021 interview. After preparing and updating documents, she traveled to Juarez. Her medical and visa appointments were efficient, she was approved, and she is already on her way back home with her green card! We are so happy for her and her family and honored that we could be a part of this important journey with the provisional waiver process.

H-3 visa approved in Philippines- February 2021
A company hired our firm for a trainee visa that their employee in the Philippines required. Although the case was delayed by COVID-19 restrictions and USCIS issued a request for evidence, USCIS later approved the petition. Once consular operations, their employee could procure an appointment in mid-February 2021. Our client was quickly approved and is now able to begin their training program shortly! Powers Law Group is a full-service immigration law that assists clients with all US-immigration matters.

I-751 Approval for parent and two minor children in 4 months!
Normally the process to remove conditions on the legal permanent residence takes one or one and half years but we recently received an approval for a parent and two minor children in only four months! We are so happy for our clients!

Expedited Asylum Success Story – January 2021
In Feb 2020, a foreign journalist came to our offices inquiring about asylum from his country. Although our firm was moving all its operations remotely, we were able to submit the application within a month of being hired.  With the situation progressively getting worse for our client’s family abroad, we requested an expedite of the application with the Houston Asylum office in the Fall of 2020.  His expedited interview request was approved soon afterwards with the convincing evidence proceeded thanks to the client and our fantastic legal team. Attorney Powers attended the interview with the client with all the COVID precautions in act. In January 2021, we learned our client’s asylum has been approved since November and now we can work quickly to have his spouse and child come to the US as soon as possible. He is very deserving of asylum and his case, like all our cases at Powers Law Group, reminds us why we pursue a challenging area of law and dedicate so much energy to individual asylum cases. We were so happy to have been a part of this experience. 

I-140 RFE – Approval – Jan 2021 
After a long process of applying for the PERM for our client, their priority date became current in the fall of 2020. We quickly filed an I-140 with premium processing and were issued a request for evidence. Together we collected the evidence needed and responded as soon as possible given the holidays and complications due to COVID, our client’s I-140 was approved in January 2021 and now we can proceed with the adjustment of status process to procure a green card.
Military Parole in Place – December 2020 

With our client’s husband about to deploy to bootcamp, we filed for Military Parole in Place in the nick of time. In only three month with the San Antonio Field Office, our client was approved and is able to apply for work authorization and now adjustment of status with her US citizen husband as her petitioner. We are so happy for our clients.


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