Deportation and Removal Defense

Deportation and Removal Defense

What is deportation?

Under immigration laws, an individual who is identified as living in the United States illegally may be subject to deportation. Additionally, legal permanent residents may be subject to deportation, usually related to a criminal history. However, you also have rights in these proceedings and may be entitled to certain defenses. It is important to secure experienced and diligent legal counsel in your time of need. The litigation team at Powers Law Group, P.C. ensures that your rights are protected and that all available relief is explored and properly presented.

Examples of Relief:

How can Powers Law Group help?

Powers Law Group, P.C. represents clients detained and non-detained throughout Texas including CCA in Houston, Livingston, Conroe, Port Isabel, and Laredo. We have had several successful wins and always go the extra mile to help our clients.

Our firm provides experienced litigation services to assist you or your loved one in deportation and removal proceedings. We may assist you in obtaining any available relief.

Call Powers Law Group, P.C. at (713) 589-2085 or email [email protected].

For more information, contact our immigration lawyers and asylum attorneys.

Success Stories

Bond Hearing – August 2014: Client from El Salvador detained by Immigration got his bond reduced about 50%.

Bond Hearing – July 2013 – Successfully won bond for a client with a difficult charge which we argued was not a Crime Involving Moral Turpitude.

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