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Success Story: Naturalization Approved After N336 Hearing!

Recently, our Firm successfully assisted an individual to gain citizenship after an N-336 hearing. An N-336 hearing is very similar to a regular naturalization hearing. The Applicant or his or her attorney is allowed to make their case in regards to the issues that had led to the initial denial of form N-400.  In this instance, our client came to us after USCIS issued a notice of intent to deny the application for citizenship based on their alleged voluntary membership in a totalitarian party. After putting together significant evidence, along with case law and legal arguments, our client, along with one of our immigration attorneys, presented the entire facts of the case to a USCIS officer at the N-336 hearing and the officer then approved her application for citizenship.  Our client was overjoyed about the outcome of the case after a long wait. 


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