Success Story: Overcoming Deportation and Obtaining a Green Card!

Client entered the States c.2003, was caught, released on bond and given voluntary departure. However, the client did not follow orders. When they later filed I-130 on their own, ICE came to arrest at home and placed them under supervision. Client came to  PLG November 2015 and after research, PLG filed a motion to terminate the court case. PLG then helped the client file 212 waiver which helped overcome his prior deportation order, which took 2 years for USCIS to approve. PLG continued to file 601A waiver to overcome unlawful presence, approved in 1 year. Lastly, the visa packet was submitted in May 2021 and the client was called for an interview at the US embassy in  El Salvador within 2 weeks. Visa approved and now he is a Legal Permanent Resident. 

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