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Successful Matter of Quilantan Approval in Houston, TX after previous denial

August 20, 2018, was a very memorable day in the life of our client, a Mexico-born individual who genuinely believed that they were a U.S. citizen their entire life. Having been birthed by a midwife and registered late in the valley (Texas), the client had a U.S. birth certificate and lived in the U.S. as a U.S. citizen for over 40 years without any issues. Naturally, believing they were a U.S. citizen, they had traveled abroad and faced no obstacles coming back into the U.S. in the past. The situation changed drastically when, in 2015, they applied for their U.S. passport and were denied for not being a U.S. citizen. It was then discovered that they had been born in Mexico before being registered in the U.S., and they were not a U.S. citizen after all.

Following a wrongful denial of residence and three years of strenuous work, we are pleased to say that our client is now a U.S. legal permanent resident! Not only were they not found inadmissible for a false claim of citizenship, but, with the aid of a knowledgeable attorney, they were able to successfully and factually argue a  Matter of Quilantan based legal argument,  affirming that lack of evidence of legal entry can still lead to an approval.

If you believe your case resembles this fact pattern or you believe there may be no help for you, we encourage you to contact our office at 713-589-2089 and schedule a consultation. To learn more about asylum law and immigration law, contact our asylum lawyers and immigration lawyers today.


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