Four Recent Asylum Wins at Powers Law Group

This past month, the Powers Law Group received wonderful news that four of our clients received asylum approvals! The Powers Law Group received 2 approvals from the Houston, Texas Asylum Office, 1 approval from the Arlington, Virginia Asylum Office and 1 approval from Newark, New Jersey Asylum Office. All four asylum approvals were filed affirmatively. The first approval from the Houston Asylum Office came for a client who had been interviewed by the Houston Asylum Office almost a year and a half ago. Thanks to our attorneys’ countless hours in advocacy and repeatedly pushing their client’s case forward, the Houston Asylum Office finally issued an approval within a matter of weeks.

Our second approval from the Houston Asylum Office had an unbelievable turnaround time from interview to approval of less than two months. This case was an especially meaningful win as the client and their family had not returned to their country of persecution for almost 2 years. The family had initially entered the United States on E-2 visas. However, due to changed circumstances in their country of persecution, the family realized they needed further protection and had to file for asylum. With the help of our attorneys, this family applied for asylum while still in valid E-2 status. This family successfully made their case with strong testimony and evidence before the Houston Asylum Office. Less than two months after their interview, the family received approval.

Our third approval was based in the East Coast and interviewed at the Arlington, Virginia Asylum Office. While our attorneys are based in Houston, Texas, we prepped the client from start to finish remotely. The attorneys at the Powers Law Group corresponded remotely; filed the asylum application of the client remotely; and traveled to attend the interview in person. Within 5 months of the interview, our client received an approval.

Our fourth approval was an incredibly special win. Our client, a minor, began their asylum application with the Houston Asylum Office in December 2017. However, after moving to the East Coast in 2018, we requested that their case be transferred to the Newark Asylum Office. We also requested that the interview be expedited given that the applicant was a minor, here without their family, and because their family was facing imminent trial in the country of persecution. Incredibly, we received an interview date with the Newark Asylum Office less than 3 weeks after we requested an expedite for the interview. And less than 2 weeks after attending the interview, our client, a minor, was granted asylum approval! This is one of the few cases we have involving minor clients. It showed us how important it was to advocate for clients, especially if they are minors, so that they can be given immediate attention and protection.

These approvals are good examples of different fact patterns that received asylum approval. Most of the time, asylum claims are not straightforward and client profiles often have convoluted immigration histories and challenges.

These are a few affirmative asylum approvals the Powers Law Group has seen in 2018. We are immensely happy for our clients and their families and we are proud to have been able to advocate for their futures.

If you are interested in applying for asylum or would like to learn more about the process, feel free to contact our office at 713-589-20185 or email us at [email protected] to set up a consultation.

To learn more about asylum law and immigration law, contact our asylum lawyers and immigration lawyers today.

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