Venezuelan Asylum Victory In Court

In 2014, our client fled Venezuela after he was physically attacked and threatened by Venezuelan officials on account of his political opinion.

Our client attended his affirmative asylum interview on his own in 2017 and was then referred to court. When we were retained for his court case, we worked very hard to get a clear story of the persecution our client faced. After countless of hours of preparation and document gathering, our client was prepared to give his account of the persecution he suffered at the hands of Venezuelan officials because of his political opinion. After much hard work with the client and our attorney, our client and his wife won asylum in court. The government waived appealed. We are so happy that our client and his wife can now live in peace without fear of having to return to a country where he would have been imminently imprisoned or killed upon his return. For more information, contact our asylum attorneys and immigration attorneys today.

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