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Approval for 245i Adjustment of Status and Retention of F2B Preference

Only mere hours after a grueling interview in the Houston Field Office and a gross mistake by USCIS, we received news that our client had been approved for his adjustment of status.

Petitioner became a U.S. citizen before the client’s preference became current. Realizing the preference as an unmarried son and daughter of a legal permanent resident would be faster in processing, the Powers Law Group filed an adjustment of status with this request on November of 2016. 22 months later, our client had his interview, at which time it was discovered that USCIS had mistaken our client’s identity with that of someone else’s. As a result, USCIS was relying on wrongfully misplaced information and data in our client’s file. As a result, USCIS falsely believed that our client was lying to the officer during the interview. After ensuring the identity issue was fully resolved, PLG received an email from USCIS that our client’s adjustment of status had been approved.

This is a reminder to all our readers that USCIS is not perfect and can make mistakes. Do not forget your rights and if you feel that you have been falsely accused or believe the Service has wrongfully decided on your case, contact us at 713-589-2085 for a consultation. To learn more about asylum law and immigration law, contact our asylum lawyers and immigration lawyers today.


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